techWebinarNepal to host Series-14 Global Azure Virtual Event 2020

techWebinarNepal is an online webinar series hosted by Tech enthusiasts. techWebinarNepal aims to share information about how to use tools and techniques productively.

Connect on Saturday 25 April @ 6:00 PM NPT on following topics on online Webinar Link:

Explore the world of cloud computing and learn what sets Azure apart.

Speaker’s Session:

-> Azure Compute directions and how it affects the job market – Magnus Mårtensson

-> ETL in the Cloud – Jay Raj Mishra

-> Understanding DevOps with Azure – Chandan Gupta Bhagat

-> Bing Image Search – Ravi Shankar Sah

-> Serverless Function – Sagar Kumar Gupta

-> Multi-Container docker using Azure app Service – Saroz Khadayat

-> AutoML with Azure – Pratik Sapkota

Azure Compute directions and how it affects the job market

Magnus Mårtensson

CEO Loftysoft AB, Azure MVP, Microsoft Regional Director,


Moving VMs, moving Apps, moving Services to the Cloud – to Azure – has a lot of promise! Everyone wants to be there now. In this very happening space, there are some trends to consider. There are also some effects on job skills due to this Cloudification drive. What technology should we be looking at to invest in for running our Services in the Cloud and what job skills are required that may be slightly different in the Cloud?

Magnus is Founder/CEO of Loftysoft a Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional and a Microsoft Regional Director. He is a consultant, tutor, process coach, technical lead and an international speaker. Some of his passions include connecting with audiences and organizing online and global conferences such as CloudBurst and GlobalAzure Bootcamp. As the first Azure MVP in the Nordic countries in 2012, he was awarded MVP of the year. He is also an Azure Advisor and an ASP.NET Insider and is a go-to person for Microsoft regarding Enterprise Cloud Consulting. Magnus has been a consultant for 20 years and has the maximum possible experience time consulting on the Azure Platform.

ETL in the Cloud

Jay Raj Mishra, Lead Software Architect, Xtrastaff Nepal


Today, ETL processes are taking place in the cloud, alongside technologies such as application development, eCommerce, and IT security. Cloud-native ETL follows the familiar three-step process but changes the way the steps are completed.

Tech enthusiast and organizer of techWebinarNepal and Community Founder, Involvement to explore more on .NET/AWS/Angular/Azure/Big Data

Understanding DevOps with Azure

Chandan Gupta Bhagat, DevOps Engineer, Agrisync


– What is DevOps?

– Why do we need them?

– What are the options?

– Why Azure DevOps?

– How we do it?

Professionally in DevOps using GitHub and Azure DevOps, Development in .NET and node.js. With love to explore IoT and Machine Learning and AI stuff.

Bing Image Search

Ravi Shankar Sah, Team Lead, Rigo Technology


– Overview

– Overflow of Image Search 

– Implementation of Image Search (Small demo)

Create Serverless Functions

Sagar Kumar Gupta, DotNet Developer, Amnil technologies


– Introducing azure functions

– Creating a function in the Azure portal / visual studio 

– Creating REST API with azure function 

– Running function

Multi-Container docker using Azure app Service

Saroz Khadayat, Sr. Software Engineer, Cotiviti Nepal


– Containerization of application

– Run multi- docker containers in an azure app services

– Give insight on docker volumes and docker secrets

AutoML with Azure

Pratik Sapkota, MSP, Kantipur Engineering College


– Machine Learning

– Automated Machine Learning

– Demo: Getting Started

Pratik Sapkota is a senior year computer engineering undergrad at Kantipur Engineering College. Currently, he is also Microsoft Student Partner.

Date: Saturday 25 April @ 6:00 PM NPT
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