NxtGen to organize webinar on COVID-19 preparedness for students

NxtGen is going to organize ‘COVID 19 Preparedness For students’, a webinar intended to prepare Undergraduate students for upcoming uncertain times due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The webinar is scheduled to be hosted on 27th April 2020 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

The event is likewise partnered with Genese Solutions Pvt. Ltd. as a cloud partner. Genese Solution is a pioneer Cloud Computing & Consulting Company in Nepal selling services of the biggest and best names in the world.

As a part of the collaboration with NxtGen, Genese will be providing $100 worth of AWS Credit and Genese Cloud Academy Study Materials and Videos. This is beneficial for anyone who is interested in learning about the Cloud Computing ecosystem, one of the most important skills in the modern tech industry. 

The webinar will be based on the following five major categories:

(i) Academics: The COVID-19 pandemic has halted educational activities in schools and universities worldwide. Students are uncertain about classes, examinations, and graduation. The prospect of online, distance learning has been explored and practiced in some universities. This webinar discusses the challenges online, distance learning in the case of Nepal where some students live in areas of underdeveloped internet access. 

Speaker: Er. Mahendra Raj Dhital

We would like to announce Er. Mahendra Raj Dhital as one of our speakers for the webinar “COVID-19 Preparedness For Students” under the topic “Academics: COVID 19 Academic Transformations”. He is an Assistant Dean of the Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University. He will be talking about the possibilities of distance learning in Nepal and its challenges. He will share his ideas about how the education sector can prepare for such a crisis in the future.

(ii) Foreign Education: The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed a lot of challenges to the prospect of foreign education. Nepali students in foreign lands face a crisis in generating income to support their livelihood. Also, this pandemic might cause harshly impacted countries to impose restrictions on the admissions of foreign students. Students should understand the future of foreign studies to make timely, informed decisions about their future. This webinar discusses the trends in foreign education in the upcoming future to maintain early student preparedness. 

Speaker: Piyush Bhartiya 


We would like to announce Mr. Piyush Bhartiya as one of our speakers for the webinar “COVID-19 Preparedness For Students” under the topic “Foreign Education”. He is a co-founder of AdmitKard, one of the most renowned abroad studies counseling institutes in India. 

Piyush values education and has studied from the top institutes of IIT Roorkee, IIM Bangalore, KTH Sweden, and Tsinghua University in China. Post completing his MBA, he has worked with the world’s #1 consulting firm, The Boston Consulting Group, and focused on building sales and marketing for top MNCs and Indian business houses.

He will be sharing his ideas on the impact of COVID-19 on foreign education such as possible restrictions in the admission of foreign students, visa grants success rates, etc. He will help you to make timely, informed decisions to advance your career in these highly uncertain times.

(iii) Business and Job: The COVID-19 outbreak has caused major disruptions in the world economy. According to ILO, 25 million jobs have been threatened and businesses have been forced to release their employees. As the global economy enters into the recovery phase, the graduating students need to understand the challenges in seeking jobs or in building new businesses. This webinar discusses the adverse impact of the outbreak in major industries worldwide and the future trends in the job market and small businesses. 

Speaker: Mr. Binay Devkota

We would like to announce Mr. Binay Devkota as one of our speakers for the webinar “COVID-19 Preparedness For Students” under the topic “Business & Jobs: Pandemic Effects on Entrepreneurship and Employment Opportunities”.  He is the CEO of Clock b Business Innovations.  

He will talk about the impact of COVID-19 on the local and global economy. He will also talk about the status of the job market and startup environments after the outbreak. He will share his ideas about how businesses can adapt to uncertainties such as now and how they can prepare for such a crisis in the future. 

(iv) Ideation: The COVID 19 has brought a drastic change to the everyday routine of the people. Extending lockdown periods and lack of activity has caused boredom among people. But, this is also a time to acquire new skills, learn and maintain self-discipline, engage in projects and volunteering works, maintain sound physical and mental fitness. This webinar discusses how students across all levels can maximize their productive time and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Speaker: Mr. Narottam Aryal

Mr. Narottam Aryal is going to be the speaker for the webinar “COVID-19 Preparedness For Students” under the topic “Ideation: Student Level Ideas and Innovations During Pandemic”.

Mr. Aryal is the President at King’s College. He will be sharing his ideas on utilizing the lockdown period to learn new skills and hobbies. Furthermore, he will speak about how students can support their community during and after the pandemic.

(v) Mental Health: Worries and anxiety about COVID-19 and its impacts have been increasing throughout the world. Social distancing and prolonging the lockdown period has made it even more challenging. The spread of rumors and misinformation has increased confusion among people. Students are uncertain about their studies and examinations. During these uncertain times, maintaining sound mental health is important to maximize productivity and avoid discouragement

Speaker: Dr. Ganga Pathak

We would like to announce Dr. Ganga Pathak as one of our speakers for the webinar “COVID-19 Preparedness For Students” under the topic “Mental Health: COVID 19 Effects on Student Psychology ”. She is a Professor of Psychology at Tri- Chandra College and the Chief Psychologist at the National Institute of Psycho-Educational Counselling. She will be suggesting the ways to keep sound mental health during the lockdown and how we can seek help during mental discomfort. 

Register: https://tinyurl.com/ybf8cgdz

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