Futuristic Foldable Phones That May Be Seen In 2020

The year 2019 was very exciting for mobile phones since they were introduced to lots of new advancements in the device like bigger display screens, pop-up cameras, punch hole display cameras, phones with notch display, phones supporting 4G network also some 5G devices. Also, advancement was seen in device cameras and storage capacities.

Since it is the starting of the new year i.e 2020, we can hope to see many exciting features and looks at new phones that will be launched this year. Talking about the foldable phones Samsung has already launched its first foldable screen phones in 2019. But taking close look at the drawbacks of Samsung’s phones, many companies have decided to launch their foldable phones this year with better advancement and looks.

Here are the list of foldable phones and devices that are suspected to launch in 2020

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

After the launch of Samsungs Galaxy fold back in 2019, it was not too impressive in the market and also was claimed expensive.  So, this year Samsung has planned to introduce its second foldable smartphones in the market “Samsung Galaxy Fold 2”. As seen in the teaser video Galaxy fold 2 is going to be a vertical screen foldable phone. In the market, there are also rumors that Samsung’s galaxy fold 2 may also be named as Galaxy Flip Z.Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 ( Galaxy Z Fold)

Galaxy fold 2 will have a 6.67-inch dynamic OLED display and is using ultra-thin foldable glass display instead of using plastic, unlike previous phones. So, this phone is going to be more scratch resistance, more durable and also solve the problem of the crease on the screen. It has a bezzled screen and a punch-hole camera in the middle of the screen. On the back part, the phone has a dual-camera and a small screen so that information on the phone can be displayed on that screen. It is also said that the phone may cost less than 1000$.

Teaser video of Fold 2 has not revealed much about the phone, we can hope much more exciting features in galaxy fold 2 this year.

Motorola Razr phone

Motorola Razr has a similar concept sharing to galaxy fold 2.  The phone has a clamshell design similar to galaxy fold 2. Back in 2019 Motorola revealed its first look and is expected to launch in 2020.

moto razr

 Motorola Razr has 6.2 inches plastic OLED screen as its main screen and has a 2.7 inched notification screen at the back of the phone. The phone has a 5-megapixel front camera and rare camera with 16 megapixels The phone comes with snapdragon 710, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB storage. The new thing about the phone is that it has no sim tray and the phone supports e-sim. The phone is said to have a battery of 2510 mAH and supports 15-watt double charging. Razr supports Android 9 and is expected to have the price of 1500$. Since this phone doesn’t seem much impressive compared to other phones, let us hope for better updates and advancement by its official release date worldwide.


Microsoft Surface DUO and Surface NEO

Microsoft is planning to launch its phone with two screens this year. The phone is expected to be named as “Surface Duo”  Duo is said to have 5.6 inched screens and can fold out into 8.3 inches. The device has a Snapdragon 855 Arm processor.

This time Microsoft instead of using windows plans to use android in it as Microsoft has partnered with google according to hardware chief Panos Panay. So we can hope to see google play on the device.

 The phone looks like a mobile phone when it is closed whereas it looks like a tablet when it is opened as it has two screens.

Surface DUO and NEO
Photo Credit – The Verge

Microsoft also introduces Surface NEO last year with the expected release date of 2020. Surface NEO has two larger 9 inches display. But Neo runs on different operating systems then surface DUO. Surface NEO is said to have windows 10 x and has all desktop familiar apps and software. Moreover, both surface NEO and DUO share the same design.





Huawei Mate X

On February 25, 2019, Huawei revealed its first foldable smartphone “Huawei mate X” and was scheduled to be launched in June 2019. Bue due to some failures seen in Samsung Galaxy Fold, the company, Huawei postponed its release date back. So, we can hope to see mate X this year.

Huawei Mate X

Last year the company said that the device would have a screen of 8 inches with 5.4 mm thickness.  As per the design the device had a screen on both sides, 6.6 inched display at the front and 6.38 inched display at the back. The phone comes with a triple camera setup with 40 megapixels of standard camera, an ultra-wide camera of 20 megapixels and an 8-megapixel telephoto lens. The interesting thing about this phone is that the camera can be used for both front and rare ways. The device has a 4500 mAh battery and also supports fast charging. It is said that the phone can get up to 85% only in 30 mins. Also, the phone comes with 5G enabled. The saddest part of the device is that the device may cost around 2600$.

Let us see what changes Huawei will bring in Mate X this year. See you soon Mate X.

Let us hope best for upcoming technologies and advancement in mobile phones and more exciting features as well.

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