Top 5 reasons to go to Everest Hack 2019

Hackathon is a straightforward concept. It is an event where random people form a team and work on an idea for 36-48 hours to make a working prototype of that idea by digital means. Let’s find out more about Hackathon and the benefit it brings to you.

Everest Hack 2019
Connect with people and grow

#connect with people and grow

You will meet a lot of new people at the Hackathon. A group of strangers, introverts and extroverts, will be attending the event from different background but with the same idea, to create something new together. You will find people with similar interests, people with high-level motivation, funny, enthusiasts, insanely talented people. And probably, you may even find your partner for your new startup.

#demonstrate your skills

If you are a talented person but have not got any opportunities, then this is your chance. If you are craving for recognition of your work, competitions like these are the one that will provide you precisely what you need. There will be a whole lot of people whom you can demonstrate your skills in your particular field, whether it be ideas making, web coding, designing, or software development.

#the thrills and fun

Ever gone Bungee jumping? Well, I haven’t. But I can assure you, the thrills of hacking in a hackathon will be no less than Bungee. The Bungee will be over within a couple of minutes, but Hackathon will have the same thrills for 48 hours. Starting a project and working on it, but will you finish it on time? The satisfaction you get after finishing it. It includes a lot of work but will be equally fun too, you may win prizes at the end, but if you make a good friend there, that will also be one of the best rewards. I can tell you; it will be the experience of a lifetime.

#push yourself

Hackathon can reveal your actual mentality under high pressure. You can explore about yourself, how intelligently and fast can you work under pressure and with a seer focus. No matter what, you have to finish the project within the time limit, so you need to keep yourself on the line and work. In the end, you will be amazed by the progress you have made within a short time and will be aware of your capability.

#prizes and exposure

Although it may be a little cheesy, this is the most convincing one (at least for most of the people). Receiving a reward after doing some hard work is always pleasing. Along with the prize money, you can also get some fresh swags and gadgets from the event managers. If you win, you can proudly say you did that cool project and brag about it in your CV or business profile. You also get a lot of exposure, and if you manage to impress any sponsors, they may consider involving you on their upcoming projects too.

So, those were the top 5 reasons why y’all need to participate in Everest Hack 2019.

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